Journal of Applied Science, Innovation & Technology (JASIT)   

ISSN: 2583-505X

Journal of Applied Science, Innovation & Technology (JASIT) with ISSN 2583-505X is an open-access International Journal publishing full-length research papers and review articles covering subjects that fall under the wide spectrum of Science, Engineering and Technology. The journal is dedicated towards dissemination of knowledge related to the advancement in Scientific & Technology Research. The impressive interdisciplinary editorial board reflects the diversity of subjects covered in this journal. Under the realm of Science and Technology, the coverage includes Environmental Engineering & Sciences, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Agricultural Research And Engineering, Biology, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Physics, Biophysics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Bioengineering, to name a few. This Journal will supports the open access policy for making scientific research accessible to one and all.

Volume-1, 2022
Volume-1, Issue-1 [January- June]

Published on June 30, 2022

Published By: Prakriti Mitra Society for Science Technology (PMSST), Lucknow, India

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