Annual Report 2022-2023

Welcome to Prakriti Mitra Society
PMSST operates nationally to pursue its mission, across three main areas: Education, Outreach, Innovation, knowledge exchange, culture and creativity. It is a non-government and voluntary organization promoted by like-minded people including students and effervescent youth to bring a perceptible change in the contemporary social scenario. It is an Endeavour for a better tomorrow. It holds that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society as a whole.
PMSST has a commitment & sensitivity about the social responsibilities in respect of development & welfare of deprived class falling under categories like SC’s, ST’s OBC’s, General, minorities, handicapped, street children and the less privileged section to provide education, medical facilities, job opportunities, human centric innovations, therapeutic rehabilitation follow up service for all above mentioned groups through network or program & activities.
PMSST is committed to the empowerment, betterment and overall well-being of the human through education, skill development and health.
The PMSST provides a platform for the youths, children, woman and elderly of modern India to be able to achieve the above and be independent.
Our Vision
PMSST would keep expanding its ongoing efforts to increase its outreach to humans as far as possible across the country.

Supervision & Personal Care

Supervision and assistance with personal care such as bathing, dressing, and personal needs.

Nutritional Home-Cooked Meals

Nutritional home-cooked meals made fresh everyday.

Help With Medications (By certified med techs)

We provide help with medications to our clients.


1. To promote Science & Technology/ Scientific & Industrial Research
2. To open and start Skill development, Startup /Vocational digital Training
3. To promote digital training and entrepreneurship among the youths
4. To protect natural environment and Forests & developed Eco restoration
5. To manage all types of Wastes (MSW, Agro waste, Industrial waste, sewage etc.)/hazardous waste management (E-waste, hospital waste etc.)
6. To promote eco-friendly technologies providing/using new and renewable energy sources.
7. To provide training to framers for the promotion of organic farming and promote skill oriented training in apiculture, mushroom production, and vermiculture.
8. To print and publish the moral, spiritual and other social development literature, book, research journals or/and newspaper for the benefit of general public in India.

9. To help marginalized sections and especially children by way of providing them educational
or/any employment or/and in their marriages or/and for purchase and construction of houses.
10. To do any activity for the moral, spiritual & social development and to organize cultural
dramas, sports, music, dance & other programs to the best tradition of Indian culture.
11. To provide stipend, scholarship and prizes to the students and to help students by adoption to
bear the cost of the primary as well as for the higher technical education in India.
12. To donate and receive donations to and from other charitable organizations and/or any
person/ firm / company/ society/ trust.
13. To do work in the field of Human Health and Malnutrition
14. To provide clean drinking water/water resource management.
15. To do work for Women’s Development & Empowerment

Our people
Foundation Board

Sarita Yadav


Dr. Shikha

Secretary & Deputy Managing Trustee

Dr. Jiwan Singh

Treasurer and Managing Trustee

Chitralekha Bhattacharya