Nutritional and sensory evaluation of value-added juice drink from star fruit (Carambola)

Aishwarya Bhatnagar, Ruchi Sankhwar, Ravi Kr. Gupta*

Department of Environmental Microbiology, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow-226025, India

ARTICLE INFOR: Received: 23 April 2023; Revised: 10 May 2023; Accepted: 10 May 2023


Cite this article: Bhatnagar, A., Sankhwar, R., Gupta, R.K., 2023. Nutritional and sensory evaluation of value-added juice drink from star fruit (Carambola). J. Appl. Sci. Innov. Technol. 2 (1), 33-37.


  • Mixing of variety of spices makes carambola drink tasty and nutritious.
  • Physico-chemical parameters of juice mix were in acceptable range.
  • No microbial growth was observed in drink mix.
  • Carambola juice mix may be used as a great summer drink.


Tropically grown star fruit (Averrhoa carambola L.) commonly known as Carambola belongs to the family Oxalidaceae and it is generally being used as a medicinal fruit. Due to its star shape appearance it is also used as a decorative fruit. It is rich in vitamin B and C, potassium, iron and calcium however presence of high oxalate and caramboxin content hinders it’s widely use. Star fruit is also rich source of natural antioxidants and has great antimicrobial activity. The aim of this study was to mix the various amount of juice of carambola with different Indian spices and study the physicochemical parameters such as pH, acidity, ash and moisture content, vitamin C, sugar, fat and total soluble solid (TSS). The best combination of juice drink possesses pH=2.42, ash content=1.2286% TSS =18.1oBrix, moisture content= 24.179%, acidity= 0.48%, sugar content = 7.78%, fat= 2.52% and vitamin C = 6.25%. We have also studied the contamination in the different mixtures by total CFU counts on solid culture medium plate. The sensory evaluation suggested that the appearance of juice, taste, aroma, color of all four treatments are acceptable but among them T1 treatment was best in all the sensory evaluations. The combination of Indian spices and carambola juice drink in T1 may be used as a low sugar and high nutritional value drink.

Keywords: Carambola; Star fruit; Caramboxin; antimicrobial; Sensory evaluation.

Scope: Food Technology

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