Proposed model for trust evaluation using recommendation and reputation in the Social Internet Things (SIoT): A Review

Gulshan Kumar Yadav*, Najmul Arif, Pawan Kumar Chaurasia

Department of Information Technology, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow-2260025, India

ARTICLE INFOR: Received: 18 March 2023; Revised: 01 June 2023; Accepted: 02 June 2023


Cite this article: Yadav, G.K., Arif, N., Chaurasia, P.K., 2023. Proposed model for trust evaluation using recommendation and reputation in the Social Internet Things (SIoT): A Review. J. Appl. Sci. Innov. Technol. 2 (1), 11-17.


In order to establish social networks or linked smart items, the social internet of things (SIoT) blends social networking principles with the internet of things. In order to cope with offending service provider nodes, it has been developed to create a network of intelligent nodes that are designed for forming social connections. Both the Human-to-Human (H2H) and Things-to-Things (T2T) relationship paradigms must be considered when service requester nodes assess their IoT. Human-to-Thing (H2T) relationships are encouraged by SIoT. Smart “social objects” made possible by SIoT may automatically imitate how people interact with one another in daily life. These social objects have social functions, which enable them to interact with other social objects in their environment and find new social connections. They scurry through the thing social networks. To check out services and learn more about their interests, they prowl around the social networks of things. The idea of trust and trustworthiness in relation to the -created social contexts is still in its early phases of research. The principles of SIoT and trust ideas are covered in this review, along with comparisons and contrasts among SIoT and IoT. Additionally, this study organized and reviewed all of the trust management approaches that have been put forth in the last six years’ worth of studies for the SIoT. This study also recognized and addressed the criteria for the burgeoning new generation of SIoT, as well as the difficulties in forging relationships of trust and determining if social things are trustworthy.

Keywords:  IoT, Social Internet of Things (SIoT), Trust Management, Challenges in SIoT

Scope: Information Technology

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